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21 in '21 Endorses

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as our first choice for

City Council District 31


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Selvena has the experience, the intellect and the strength to deliver for us, every day, because she’s been preparing for this job her whole life. From high ranking jobs in state government, to combating domestic violence for the City, to working at Peninsula Hospital, serving in the labor movement and supporting MWBEs during the JFK Redevelopment, Selvena knows how to get things done. And through all of this, she has volunteered for our local youth, distributed PPE’s and fresh food during the pandemic, and worked to prevent gun violence. I hope I can count on you to join me in voting for her.

Queens Borough President

Donovan Richards


“I am proud to endorse Selvena Brooks-Powers for City Council,” said West. “As we face a housing crisis amidst the pandemic, Selvena will continue fighting for NYCHA residents, secure protections for tenants facing eviction, deliver truly affordable housing, and protect homeowners from foreclosure. Selvena knows how to build coalitions to get results.”


“We face a daunting road to recovery, and it is critical that we elect a City Council Member who can hit the ground running on day one to deliver support for our small businesses, ensure students have the resources they need to learn remotely and return to school, and support our community organizations. That’s Selvena Brooks-Powers, and I am excited to support her candidacy,” said Boyce.


“We face a daunting road to recovery, and it is critical that we elect a City Council Member who can hit the ground running on day one to deliver support for our small businesses, ensure students have the resources they need to learn remotely and return to school, and support our community organizations. That’s Selvena Brooks-Powers, and I am excited to support her candidacy,” said Boyce.

Stephen A. Green.png

When we vote we are putting our faith into action by making an active choice about who represents our community. I believe making Selvena Brooks-Powers our number one choice on the ballot during early voting and on February 23 puts the community in the best position to win when you look at her experience working in government and her record of serving the community.

Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral Reverend

Stephen A. Green


I am excited to endorse Selvena Brooks-Powers for City Council,” said Congressmember Gregory Meeks. “She has strength, she has unparalleled experience, and she is an advocate that we can count on to deliver better for all parts of Southeast Queens and the Rockaways. She’s the progressive voice our community needs fighting for our students, seniors, and working families.

Congressman Gregory Meeks

When thinking about strong leaders, strong representation, strong women, Selvena is one that comes to mind with minimal thought. If you are looking for a person to roll up their sleeves it’s her. A servant leader, mother, community member, and doer, I am proud to support Selvena Powers run for city council district 31.


Alicia Hyndman

District 29Q

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Latoya Benjamin2.png

"We are facing some of the toughest times in NYC history and, unfortunately, tough times aren't new to us. Our communities continuously get neglected and abused by the City. That isn't going to change unless we come together as a united and organized force. We need steady and strong leadership during these times of uncertainty. I'm proud to support Selvena in her re-election to City Council because I trust her. As a mother and a Black woman she is bringing a perspective that doesn't often get to the table of leadership. Selvena is a breath of fresh air. She knows how to bring people together and leverage that power. I trust when given a full term, she is going to make sure that our district doesn't get overlooked and we get all the resources that we deserve."

Community Leader

Manny Silva

Manny Silva2.png

Councilwoman Selvena Brooks-Powers is driven to represent a new change in political leadership. I support her for re-election, and I know that together, we will continue to make a difference for Southeast Queens.

Community Leader

Latoya Benjamin


Selvena Brooks-Powers has been a force for positive change in our community for years, and I know she will be a City Council Member we can all count on,” said Simmons. “Her record on food insecurity, healthcare access, and gun violence prevention is especially important as our city works to overcome these challenges. Selvena is the leader we need in City Hall.


She is a strong advocate for our youth and is committed to creating a better community for all Queens families. As COVID continues to hurt our communities and disrupt support systems for our young people, we need leaders at the city level who understand the importance of protecting our youth spaces and community organizations. That’s Selvena.

Michael Mallon.jpg

The Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club of Queens is proud to endorse Selvena Brooks-Powers for the 31st Council district. As an activist, a labor leader and a policy maker, Council Member Brooks-Powers has a long history of championing social justice issues. We know that she will be the fighter we need in City Hall to take NYC to new heights. We look forward to making calls and knocking on doors alongside her in the weeks and months ahead.

Change requires intensity in leadership and courage. Selvena Brooks-Powers is the City Council partner that I can work with and who knows what must be done. I am proud to stand with her during her re-election campaign and will fight alongside her for our community. We need her!


Khaleel Anderson

Khaleel Anderson.png

Selvena Brooks-Powers is the community voice we need in the City Council. Our city is in crisis, and we can’t afford to get left behind -- Selvena will be ready to hit the ground running to secure the resources and support we need. From working with community partners to prevent gun violence to hosting weekly food drives, Selvena knows how to get the job done.


We will remain at the forefront addressing quality of life issues in our community but we cannot do this alone.  Selvena Brooks-Powers is exactly who we need to help us champion our cause.

She is big on HOPES, FAMILY VALUES and is committed to bringing opportunities to our District.

Kevin Livingston.jpg

There are few people who work harder and advocate more fiercely for our communities in Southeast Queens and the Rockaways than Selvena Brooks-Powers, and I am proud to support her campaign for City Council today. Selvena will fight for what matters, from addressing public safety, especially in places like Springfield Gardens, Rosedale and Laurelton. She will work to create opportunities for the second chance populations, access to healthcare and food security for the most vulnerable among us, and she will deliver.

Selvena will be ready to tackle inequality, inadequate technology resources for our students during remote learning, insufficient healthcare access across the city, and unemployment. She will be a strong advocate for all Queens families.

Roslin Spigner

Democratic District Leader

District 33 Part A

Stacey Pheffer-Amato.jpeg

I am excited to support Councilwoman Selvena Brooks-Powers as she runs for re-election. As the Rockaway community faces numerous challenges -- from recovering from the pandemic to overcoming the economic recession to combating climate change -- it’s important to have a partner at the city level that I know I can count on. That’s Selvena.


Stacey Pheffer-Amato

She is the most qualified... Selvena worked tirelessly to make the lives of everyone in Southeast Queens -- in New York State -- better.

New York State Senator

James Sanders Jr.

James Sanders-headshot.png

Selvena Brooks-Powers has shown up for us countless times, and now I am excited to stand with her and her campaign. She understands that change starts at the ground level, and she will be a fierce advocate for the relief our community needs to get through this pandemic, including rent and mortgage relief, technology support for our students and seniors, and protections for our small businesses.

Bess DeBetham

Community Leader

Bess Debetham-2.png

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